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260W Moving Head Beam



Product Details  
+ 17 DMX512 control channels.
+ Built-in microphone for sound control.
+ Stand-alone with master/slave function.
+ LCD display and four button for menu control.
+ Ballast:electronic ballast.
+ Color Wheel 1:
14 colors + white,with half color function.
Double direction following and rainbow effect.
Adjustable color following speed.
With color location.
+ Color Wheel 2: 6 colors+.frost
+ Gobo wheel:
13 fixed Gobos + open.
Double direction gobo following.
Gobo shaking effect.
Adjustable gobo following speed.
+ Effect wheel:
 8 facet prism,(8+16+24)facet combined prism,frost function.
 Double direction rotation and adjustable rotation speed.
Two prisms can be superimposed.
+ Linear focus from close to far.
+ Dimmer:0-100% linear adjustment.
+ Strobe effect:support mechanical strobe and adjustable strobespeed, support strobe macro function.
+ Beam angle:parallel beam angle 0-1.8 degree.
+ Pan: 540 degree Tilt: 270 degree.
Pan/Tilt 8/16bit.
Pan/Tilt correction function.
+ Photoelectric location.

Voltage:AC 110-240V 50-60Hz.
Light source:9R/260W YODN Lamp.
Packing Size:43*35*49cm.


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