PHN053 LED Fresnel Zoom Spot

PHN053 LED Fresnel Zoom Spot

+ LED as the light source.
+ The light body is molded with high-pressure die casting aluminium,which is light and nice.Cooling is accomplished with built-in fan convection system to ensure good heat dissipation.
+ The light spot is adjustable evenly and continuously.the light beam angle can be adjusted between 20-70 degree.
+ Color temperature is 5200K.color rending index is greater than 85.
+ Built-in DMX512 control with 5/7 DMX channel and PWM digital dimming system are equipped to achieve 0-100% dimmable light.
+ The control system is desingned with ARM7 processor from is advanced,steady and anti-niterference.
+ The electric current flows in a constant way in the CPU with high-performance digital core system to ensure a power supply whose efficency reaches as high as 95%.
+ LCD screen desing,which is straightforward and simple.the software can be ungraded as required.
+ The unit is mainly used in TV studios,theaters,conference system and multi-functional halls etc.

Voltage:AC100-240V 50-60Hz.
Light source:200W/400W high-power COB LED.
Beam angle:20-70degree.
DMX channel:5/7CH.

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